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Tech Industry Daily Podcast: How cities are taking on climate change

Cities' green action plans; Yahoo loses a couple of prominent employees; and both Republican and Democrats vote for Microsoft.

Cities' green action plans; Yahoo loses a couple of prominent employees; and Republican and Democrats cast a vote for Microsoft.

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City governments' response to climate change ranges from cutting-edge distributed energy to adding more bike lanes and trees. Climate change experts from four cities--London, Toronto, Chicago, and New York--spoke at the Mass Impact Symposium Monday in Cambridge, Mass., and CNET intern Holly Jackson had the chance to chat with reporter Martin LaMonica about what they said.

Plus, Yahoo loses a couple of high-level employees--and it's getting set to announce a deal with Google. And Microsoft might inspire raging debates in tech circles, but as far as our nation's politicians are concerned, the vote for Redmond is unanimous.

Also, Charlie Cooper checks in with reporter Daniel Terdiman, who is now a few days into his Road Trip 2008 through the South.

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