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Newgrounds is a free portal site for Flash games.

      Category: Entertainment

      Newgrounds is a free portal site for Flash games. It has been around for more than a decade, and also serves up cartoons, user forums, music and audio clips, and an online magazine. The service has a social-networking component, too, with user profiles, social bookmarking, and game ratings. What it might be best known for, however, is the series Alien Hominid, which had its beginnings at Newgrounds. The game began as a free Flash title in 2002, and is now a popular title on modern-day gaming consoles.

      One of the more interesting aspects of Newgrounds' collection of titles is that games which go unplayed or are poorly rated are sent to a deadpool where they are given one last chance from users before being deleted by site admins. The system ensures that people remain active and are utilizing the built-in ranking system.

      Web site:

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      Winners in this category:

    • Desktop Tower Defense
    • Eventful
    • GameGum
    • Homestar Runner
    • Line Rider
    • Newgrounds
    • Revision3
    • Stardoll
    • Yahoo! Bix
    • You Don't Know Jack

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