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Newegg launches landing page for Indiegogo gizmos

The tech-focused retailer and crowdfunding site take the next step with their partnership to bring a handful of new products to Newegg.


The CarVi windshield-mounted car sensor claims it can help drivers avoid unsafe conditions.


Newegg, the tech-focused online retailer, is beefing up its slate of new gadgets and gizmos with the help of Indiegogo.

The e-retailer and crowd-funding site agreed to team up last year to support and bring to market some of the most promising concepts on Indiegogo's site. As a next step in the partnership, Newegg on Tuesday launched a landing page for a handful of Indiegogo-funded products.

Customers can buy several of these gadgets through the new portal, including the $99 QLIPP sensor for a tennis racket to help analyze your backhand or $30 VR glasses for your phone. Also on the site is the CarVi windshield-mounted car sensor, which uses infrared and video data to alert drivers to potentially unsafe conditions.

The Newegg-Indiegogo partnership is similar to Amazon's work with Kickstarter to develop new products and help their customers find some of the newest gadgets hitting the market.

Newegg said it's working with about 20 Indiegogo-funded entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them make their product ideas a reality, offering guidance, shipping options and sales assistance. More than 100 additional Indiegogo campaigns are being considered for the Newegg program, too.