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Newegg extends Black Friday all month with 'Black November' tech deals

The sales begin this Sunday. Here's what you can expect.


Newegg will be offering holiday sales all November, not just after Thanksgiving.

Screenshot by Dan Graziano/CNET

Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are no longer isolated to a single day or weekend. Target and Walmart (among others) are starting holiday sales this weekend. Meanwhile, Newegg -- the big Internet PC and tech retailer -- announced this week that it will be holding a month-long event called Black November.

Newegg will be offering a steady stream of discounts on more than 900 products throughout the month. In the past, these included deals on computers, tablets, accessories, video games and more.

The event will begin this Sunday. Here's the schedule of what you can expect:

  • November 1-3: Black November sales kick-off across all categories.
  • November 4-9: Gaming event with deals on video games, consoles and accessories.
  • November 10-26: Preview sale with an early sampling of Black Friday discounts.
  • November 27: True "Black Friday" sales with "short-term, massive price-cuts" across the entire site.
  • November 30: Cyber Monday sale with new discounts and other promotions.

In addition to offering mainstream items, such as Windows laptops, Apple products and gaming consoles, Newegg fills a niche by offering items for computer tinkers and enthusiasts. The retailer offers a larger selection of routers, graphics cards, hard drives, memory and computer monitors, among other things.

Want even more deals? Newegg says that it will also be offering exclusive deals and discounts to users of its mobile app and mobile website. The Newegg app is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 10.