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Camera Accessories

New Zeiss Milvus lens focuses on high-resolution dSLRs

The latest line of Zeiss lenses targets current and future cameras with more precise and high-contrast optical designs.


Rather than trickle them out, Zeiss introduced a whole new Milvus line with six -- count 'em, six -- lenses in it, all with new optical formulas (i.e., the lens configuration) designed for future-proofing against increasing sensor resolutions and claiming increased contrast to support higher dynamic ranges.

They'll only have Canon EF- (ZE) and Nikon F-mount (ZF) versions, at least to start. Then again, if Zeiss does put out an FE-mount version, it will likely have yet another new branding to follow Batis, Loxia and Touit.

Zeiss didn't provide pricing or availability, but they're all available for preorder at B&H; the site indicates that they'll ship in mid-October. B&H's prices are $1,843 for the 100mm f2 macro and 21mm f2.8; $1,283 for the 50mm f2; 85mm f1.4 for $1,800; and 50mm f1.4 for $1,200. The 50mm f1.4comes in a ZF.2 mount version for Nikon, which "de-clicks" the manual aperture for silent operation when shooting video.

Physically, they all look similar to Zeiss' other recent lenses, with the smooth metal bodies and well-damped rubberized focusing rings. They're dust- and weather-sealed and have Zeiss' T* coating.

I could reproduce all the specs, but you can find them all, with lens-construction diagrams, on Zeiss' site.