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New Zeiss Loxia 85mm f2.4 targets Sony manual-focus fiends

The lens is designed for use with the Sony A7 series of cameras.


It seems like Zeiss has a separate lens line for every use; Zeiss' Loxia lenses are optimized for manual focus. That's why the company announced a new 85mm f2.4 lens while it also has a Batis 85mm f1.8 for the same full-frame E-mount -- the latter is optimized for autofocus.

Normally the Loxias are slightly more expensive than the Batis versions because they're smaller and lighter. And the 85mm is more expensive at $1,400 (directly converted, £1,056 and AU$1,875) compared with the Batis' $1,200 (£1,190, AU$1,600) price tag. But it's not a lot smaller or lighter: the Batis is 4.1 inches/105mm long and weighs 16.8 oz/475 g. In contrast, the Loxia is 4.3 in/108 mm and weighs 21 oz/594 g, despite having fewer lens elements. It does have a much tinier circumference, though, at 2.4 in/63mm vs. 3.2 in/81mm.

It can focus as close as 31.5 ft/0.8 m, which is the same as the Batis.

Zeiss plans to ship the lens in the US this December.