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New YouTube mobile app for Symbian and Windows Mobile

YouTube has released a new app to keep Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile smartphone users up to date with the latest sneezing panda clips, but there's no support for account features

Now you can get your laughing quadruplets sugar-rush even faster, with the release of a new version of YouTube's mobile application for Windows Mobile and Symbian Series 60 phones -- that means you, Nokia smartphone users.

We tried out the new app on a Nokia E51, connecting over the Wi-Fi network at Crave Towers. The new version ran amazingly quickly, taking only a split second to load. The home screen displays a search bar, one featured video, and links to the top rated, most viewed and most recent videos.

Clicking on any of these was speedy -- it took a fraction of a second to load the search results for our favourite creepy see-through-headed fish video. The results are displayed as thumbnails in a horizontal ticker, which was painless to scroll through to find what we were looking for.

But there's one big thing missing in the new YouTube app -- the social side. There are no account-related features, so we couldn't make comments or check our favourites.

Also, on our phone, the menu was automatically displayed in portrait and the videos played in landscape, which can't be changed. It suited the E51's small screen but it may not be right for every phone.

Get the app on your mobile from It's available for Windows Mobile and most Symbian S60 third-edition handsets.