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New Year's tech resolutions

What our pals in the tech industry are pledging to do in 2008.

The New Year's resolution might be way up there on the great list of journalism clichés, but that's no reason not to go back to the well and see what our pals in the tech industry are pledging to do in 2008, at least as far as their gear and gadgets are concerned.

"Make spam a priority, and eliminate clutter." --Don Sears,

"Hack and/or overclock what I have more, so that I don't have to always race out to get the latest and greatest. And buy an iPhone if they ever finally add proper word processing." -- Darren Gladstone, Games for Windows magazine

"In an era of Blu-ray vs. HD DVD, Facebook vs. Twitter, blogs vs. magazines, less family time than hyperproductive hours, and more gadgets with more gee-whiz features than common sense, it's important to never lose sight of the medium's most important benefits and greatest applications." --Scott Steinberg,

"Play the Wii more, so I don't feel guilty about all the dust it gathers." --Alex Brewer, HighWater Group

My New Year's tech resolution is somewhat less ambitious--I'm pledging to clean out my wire box.