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New Xbox One update is a 'huge milestone' for Xbox One

Microsoft describes it as a "complete transformation" of the console.

The release of the New Xbox One Experience today marks a "huge milestone" for the Xbox platform, Microsoft said in a note to media. The update, which Microsoft describes as possibly the most significant ever released for any Xbox or PlayStation console in history, started rolling out today across the world.

Described as a "complete transformation of Xbox One" inspired in part by feedback from fans, the update introduces Windows 10 as the console's underlying operating system. According to Microsoft, adding Windows 10 allows for the "fastest and most social Xbox experience ever."

In addition to totally overhauling the Xbox One UI, the update introduces backwards compatibility support for some Xbox 360 titles. A list of the first 104 supported titles is available here.


For more on the New Xbox One Experience, check out the video above, in which engineer Mike Ybarra talks about and shows off some of the update's most notable changes and improvements. You can also read GameSpot's interview with Microsoft's Mike Nichols and click through the images in the gallery below to learn more and get a closer look at the update.

How are you finding the New Xbox One Experience so far? Let us know in the comments below.