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New Xbox 360 model on sale now for £149 in the UK

There's a fresh model of the Xbox 360 to keep you going until the Xbox One arrives in November, and you can check it out now in Shoreditch.

There's a fresh model of the Xbox 360 to keep you going until the newly Internet-freed Xbox One arrives in November. It looks similar to the half-matte, half-gloss Xbox One -- if a bit less angular -- and it'll set you back £149.

That bags you the basic edition with one wireless controller, an optical cable and 4GB of built-in memory, expandable with a 320GB hard drive that's sold separately.

If you want to have a look at the thing, it's on show now at the new GAME Xbox pop-up store in the ridiculously trendy BoxPark in London's ridiculously trendy Shoreditch. It's essentially a huge portacabin complex full of expensive little clothes shops -- and now this tiny outlet of GAME dedicated to all things Xbox. It'll have Xbox Ones you can play later in the year, but for now it's showing off the new 360 and a range of 'MyBox' custom skins.

The store had 10 new Xboxes on special offer for £100, but I'm informed they're all gone. You can buy it for the RRP, £149, and they'll chuck in two free games: Halo 4 or Forza 4 and another game of your choice. Not bad!

Microsoft has been keen to point out the 360 isn't anywhere near done, with an enhanced Xbox Live service called Games With Gold that gives you two free older games to download every month until the end of the year, like PS Plus. First up is cheeky Brit-made RPG Fable 3, from 30 June. Halo 3 and Assassin's Creed 2 have also been mentioned.

New games will continue to appear too, with jet-pack mech shooter Titanfall -- one of the most promising titles shown off at E3 -- coming to 360 as well as Xbox One and PC.

What do you think of the new 360? Would you pick it up to stave off the boredom until the next gen arrives? Will you head down to Shoreditch to check it out? Stick a comment below, or over on our achingly hip Facebook page.