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New worm on the way?

As researchers uncover more flaws in Windows, security experts warn that virus writers could find a dangerous precedent in the recent rampage by MSBlast.

roundup As researchers uncover more flaws in Microsoft's all but universal Windows software, security experts warn that virus writers could find a dangerous blueprint in the MSBlast worm, which ran rampant through PCs worldwide in August.

Internet virus writers commemorate the 2-year anniversary of the attacks in their own inimitable style, releasing contagions on the Net that prey on sentimentality and fears.
September 11, 2003

A worm or virus that exploits newly revealed vulnerabilities in the current versions of Windows could be in the offing, security experts say.
September 10, 2003

Microsoft warns of three vulnerabilities in Windows that could have a similar effect to last month's marauding MSBlast worm.
September 10, 2003

Police say two British men, believed to be members of an international hacking ring, used a computer program to assume control of unsuspecting computer users' machines.
September 11, 2003

Lawmakers express frustration over the exploding problems caused by malicious viruses, asking whether additional laws and criminal prosecutions are necessary to protect the public.
September 10, 2003

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In just 24 hours, a new worm explodes onto some 120,000 computers around the world. A big part of the problem: Inattentive home users and overbooked IT staffs hadn't installed a readily available patch.
August 15, 2003