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New Windows Phone 7 ads suggest you get a life

New ads from Windows Phone 7 suggest that we've all gone too far with phone obsessions and need to get in, get out, and get on with our lives. How strangely human.

I am sure you were, as I was, worried. When a Windows Phone 7 ad appeared that promised revolution, one felt several unnecessary revolutions in one's normally placid parts.

However, two new ads, which appear slightly unfinished, have leaked via WMPowerUser, and there is no hammer and sickle, no mention of Cuba, not even some sad, slick promise that your life will be revolutionized. (It does, however, appear that some of the scenes were shot in Budapest.)

Instead, very cleverly, Microsoft is suggesting you get a life. One that doesn't involve staring into your phone all day. The implication is that the design is so strangely user-friendly that you won't have to, well, embarrass yourself in public. At least, not before the bars shut.

While Microsoft hasn't often managed to sit an emotional zeitgeist on its lap and tickle it gently, it is thoroughly uplifting to consider a Microsoft product as being both focused on a human truth and just very slightly subversive.

I know many of you will be fascinated at the appearance of the HTC Mondrian in these ads, a device that might even be making its debut before your eyes.

For myself, I am pleased that my future watching of the NFL and the San Francisco Giants' torture-filled hurtle toward the playoffs will not be interrupted by Microsoft promising me some techie nirvana but, instead, a human one.