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New Verizon iPad ad is cliff-hanger

A new Verizon ad features the iPad and focuses on your ability to use it while perched near the edge of a cliff.

When Apple launched the iPad, it was something of a lap-dancing affair.

We became familiar with the knees of both ladies and gentlemen, as they enjoyed the magic revolution that had fallen into their laps. The ads themselves were as straight as could be. As is often the case with Apple, the product was the ad.

Now, however, iPad has fallen into the lap of Verizon. Would the company attempt to sex the iPad up, offer it some artificial flavoring?

Lord, no. Apple would allow that no sooner than it would have a joint Xmas party with Adobe.

So here we have a simple new iPad ad from Verizon, one that combines the sheer ease of Apple's latest creation with Verizon's lovely little mobile hot spots.

Yes, you can now perch yourself near the edge of a cliff and Wi-Fi the day away on your iPad.

Which is something you've been wanting to do for a very long time and have been concerned that AT&T might not be able to deliver.

Every time I've had an iPad in my hands, it's behaved in an extremely seductive way. Not only does it look beautiful, it consistently offers something I didn't expect.

So perhaps some might feel a little disappointed that the visual side of this ad looks a little too much like a commercial for Claritin.

Still, Verizon's network enjoys such a fine reputation for, well, working, that one imagines these iPads will fly out of the stores and be seen on the edge of America's cliffs all through the winter.