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New ultracompact PowerShots from Canon

New ultracompact PowerShots from Canon

Canon is upgrading its PowerShot SD series of ultracompact cameras with three new models. They all sport the SD series' signature portable design and now use Canon's Digic III image processor.

The PowerShot SD800 IS and SD900 share the same suggested retail price, but they otherwise have little in common. The SD800 IS is the 7-megapixel follow-up to the PowerShot SD700 IS. With a nice wide-angle, 28mm-to-105mm-equivalent lens and optical image stabilization, it's directed at users who want a wide shot with insurance against blur. The SD900 is the new high-resolution member of the SD family, with a 10-megapixel sensor that can reach to as high as ISO 1,600 sensitivity. It makes up for the lack of a wide lens and optical image stabilization with an attractive, durable titanium body.

Finally, the 7-megapixel PowerShot SD40 uses the same stylish body as the PowerShot SD30 but features a higher resolution as well as Canon's Digic III processor.

The new Canon PowerShot SDs ship in October. The SD800 IS and SD900 will have a suggested retail price of $450, while the SD40 will have a suggested price of $350.