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Uber for bikes (and tired cyclists) is now a thing in Amsterdam

UberBike will bring a car with a bike rack to you when you just can't pedal any farther.

Broken bike? Too tired to bike? Uber says give it a call.

Kent German/CNET

Bicycle riders in Amsterdam now have a new way to get around the cycling-mad city when they just can't power themselves through a long ride home.

Announced today, UberBike lets Uber customers order a car with a bike rack to get both their bike and their tired legs across town. Customers can select the new option using the ride service's mobile app for an additional 4 euro (about $4.50, £3.10 or AU$6.20). Uber will tote only one bike per ride.

The service is available in Amsterdam "for the summer period," Uber said, adding that it is considering extending UberBike to other cities in the Netherlands.