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Trump creates council to help modernize government

An executive order signed Monday establishes the American Technology Council, which will focus on improving digital services from the US government.


The White House is pushing for more advanced digital services in government.


A executive order signed Monday by President Donald Trump creates an American Technology
Council, tasked with improving how the US government provides digital services.

The order reads:

"Americans deserve better digital services from their Government. To effectuate this policy, the Federal Government must transform and modernize its information technology and how it uses and delivers digital services."

In order to do that, the new council, which includes the president, vice president, several cabinet secretaries and other government officials will:

"Coordinate the vision, strategy, and direction for the Federal Government's use of information technology and the delivery of services through information technology."

According to an early report from Axios, the group will also include roughly 20 leading tech company CEOs, although no specific names have been announced and tech execs aren't mentioned in the executive order.

The full text of the executive order is located here.