New troubleshooting-related links

New troubleshooting-related links

a. The (MacOS) Finderis a single page with search engine setups to almost all of the major Mac sites for getting shareware and freeware - including Info-Mac, Shareware.Com and MacUser. A search for Apple's software update sites is expected to be added soon.

b. Mac Buzz has a collection of tables and graphs comparing the performance ofvarious Mac configurations - that sometimes go beyond what you typically found elsewhere. For example, he has one page showing MacBench 16-bit graphics tests forvarious Macs. I was a bit surprised to see how poorly the 3400 fared on these tests.

c. Kurt Christensen (of Version Tracker) has a special page describing a simple technique for creating your own OT/PPP modem script that he claims raised his page download rates from 3K to 9K per second (it only works for Power Macs). File download rates were not similarly increased.

d. The Unofficial Apple Color LaserWriter Site offers some technical advice for Color LaserWriter users. It also has a link to the repair manual for the printer.

Speaking of the Color LaserWriter, one reader got the following error message when printing some complex graphic images to a Apple Color LaserWriter 12/600PS: "printer restarted due to system error at address 0x132460." He claims that this problem may be due to a bug in the ROM on the printer's logic board. In his case, Apple replaced the board with a 12/660PS board.

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