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New tricks for Apple gear

PowerBooks with new features look to recapture some limelight from iPod, Mac Mini. Also: Apple's branding magic. Photos: Juiced-up PowerBooks Photos: The iPod economy

With new features, PowerBooks look to recapture some limelight from the iPod and the Mac Mini. Also: Apple's branding magic.

Apple on G5 PowerBook: Not so fast

Line of six new office models, including five notebooks and a desktop, continues computing titan's Intel-only policy.
February 1, 2005

Race is on to accessorize Mac Mini

Will Mini owners be as nuts for companion gear as iPod users have proven to be?
Photos: Dressing up the Mini
January 31, 2005

PowerBooks speed up, do new tricks

Apple's latest laptops feature a new scrolling TrackPad and a Sudden Motion Sensor. But what about the G5 processor?
Photos: Juiced-up PowerBooks
January 31, 2005

Boom of the iPod add-ons

How can you accessorize your iPod? Marketers count the ways--and the cash.
Photos: The iPod economy
January 31, 2005

Apple edges Google as top brand

The iPod pushes Apple ahead of the hard-charging search engine--and surprise top-five finalist Al Jazeera.
January 30, 2005

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Will Mac Mini spur petite-PC revolution?

Windows PC manufacturers are hoping Apple Computer's Mac Mini catches on. Really.
Photos: Petite PCs
January 27, 2005

They're off to see Apple's wizards

Things are always buzzing at Apple's Genius Bars, which offer the rarest of experiences for computer users: face-to-face help.
The New York Times
January 27, 2005

Apple cuts Mac Mini upgrade prices

Several build-to-order options, such as memory and wireless add-ons, are now a little less expensive.
January 25, 2005