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Watch the weirdness begin in trailer for Netflix thriller 'Sense8'

A wild new sci-fi show is set to air on Netflix next month. The ride begins with a just-released trailer that promises lots of action.

What do you get when you team up the creators of the "Matrix" movie franchise (Andy and Lana Wachowski) and the creator of the "Babylon 5" TV series (Joe Straczynski)? "Sense8," that's what. Now, thanks to a new trailer, we get our best look yet at the new Netflix series, which is set to debut all 12 episodes on the network on June 15.

The trailer starts with actor Naveen Andrews of "Lost" fame asking, "Do you know what it means to be reborn a sensate?" The rest of the trailer hints at the answer as we see eight different people from all over the world handling a variety of situations -- from throwing some serious martial art moves, to having a bit of, ahem, sensual time in a hot tub.

"You have seven other selves now," a voiceover says in the preview. "You can access each other's knowledge, language, skills."

In addition to Andrews, the show has Daryl Hannah as its other big-name star. Other cast members include Tuppence Middleton from "Imitation Game" and "Jupiter Ascending"; Brian J. Smith from "Stargate Universe"; and Aml Ameen from "The Maze Runner."

Not only does the show look like it'll have some great action scenes built in, but it also aims to tackle social issues. "It's a global story told on a planetary scale about human transcendence and what it ultimately means to be human in a contemporary society," Straczynski said in a just-released report on Buzzfeed.

"It really is much more of a thematic thrill than what you would normally associate with science fiction, because most science fiction shows that want to deal with questions of sexuality or gender or politics, they make it another world, they make it about the aliens in an alternate world," he added. "This is our world right now and we explore those issues."