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New trailer for Dishonored single-player DLC

The Knife of Dunwall lets players explore new parts of the city as the lethal assassin Daud.

Gamers eager for a new taste of Dishonored will find a lot to like about this trailer for Knife of Dunwall, the first single-player DLC release for the title.

Daud and his mercenary gang, The Whalers. (Credit: Bethesda)

The new content puts you in the shoes of Daud — assassin of the empress and Corvo's supernatural antagonist from Dishonored — as he works to find some form of redemption for his past.

The add-on features new powers, new weapons and even new parts of Dunwall to explore.

The Knife of Dunwall lands on Xbox and PC on 16 April, and arrives on 17 April for PS3. It'll set you back either 800 Microsoft Points or AU$14.45.