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New Toshiba all-in-ones have a certain something

Toshiba shows it's taking design seriously with its second batch of all-in-one desktops.


Expect lots of new all-in-one designs between now and the launch of Windows 8 in the fall. Odds are high they will blend together into commoditized, mass-market PC mush. Still, there's something appealing about this new LX800-series design from Toshiba.

The way the bottom edge juts out invites you to lay hands on the (optional) touch screen. Then the tapered plastic bezel underneath the screen smooths out the transition between the display and the chassis. The rounded upper corners give it a certain friendliness, and overall the system looks invitingly futuristic and polished. It's a noticeable improvement over the utterly generic DX all-in-ones Toshiba introduced last year.

I expect the shipping version will be marred by the usual gaudy Windows/Intel/whatever badges. Both the 21.5-inch LX815 and the 23-inch LX835 models may struggle to stand out next to the 27-inch all-in-ones coming from other vendors. And although they will ship with Ivy Bridge CPUs (aka third-generation Intel Core chips), so will every other all-in-one.

Despite those potential drawbacks, Toshiba's new-look desktops might be attractive enough to move a few units. The LX815 will start at $600, and the LX835 at $880 when they ship in the beginning of the third quarter.