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New ThinkPads coming soon to an office near you

Lenovo has several new ThinkPad models coming in March, with new Intel CPUs.

The ThinkPad T420 Lenovo

PC maker Lenovo is expanding the popular ThinkPad line of business laptops with several new models. These aren't radical redesigns, but these revamped versions of the T, L, and W series ThinkPads use Intel's second-gen Cote i-series processors, and have several other improvements, including a new 720p Webcam.

The new models number six in total: T420s, T420, T520, L420, L520, and W520. The T series is and upscale thin-and-light line, whereas the L series is both less expensive and also green-friendly, with Lenovo claiming that the L series contains, "more post-consumer recycled content than any laptop in the world." At the other end of the spectrum, the W series ThinkPads are mobile workstations, with Intel Extreme Edition processors and standard discreet graphics.

All of these new Lenovo laptops will feature Intel's slightly delayed second-gen Core i-series CPUs, a platform previously known by the code name Sandy Bridge. Lenovo claims this will give users a 20 percent performance boost and double the graphics power, compared with the last-generation Core i-series CPUs.

Additionally, these new laptops offer faster boot-up and shutdown times, which Lenovo calls its Enhanced Experience 2.0 program, and to varying degrees all these new models meet certain Milspec standards for toughness and durability.

Though they're all being announced today, these new ThinkPads won't be available until March 29. Below you'll find a list of the specific new models and their starting prices.

  • ThinkPad T420s; $1,329
  • ThinkPadT420; $779
  • ThinkPadT520; $909
  • ThinkPadL420; $719
  • ThinkPadL520; $719
  • ThinkPadW520; $1,329