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New tech 'promising' for longer battery life, Eric Schmidt says

Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet, tweets about innovations from researchers, including the man who helped invent lithium-ion batteries.

James Martin/CNET

New battery technology that could lead to faster-charging, longer-lasting and safer batteries received a big shoutout this week from Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google parent company Alphabet.

Schmidt tweeted about the "promising" work of John Goodenough, an engineering professor at the University of Texas, Austin, and Maria Helena Braga, a senior research fellow there. Goodenough co-invented the lithium-ion battery.

Goodenough and Braga's team has created an all-solid-state battery that doesn't rely on chemical liquids to work. That's an important feature because the packaging, protection and controlled interactions of those liquids is partly why batteries can explode.