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New Tannoy PSP speaker system features faux surround sound

New PSP speaker incorporates SRS Trusurround

The Tannoy PSP speaker is currently available in the UK. Amazon UK

PSP speaker systems haven't exactly taken off like iPod speaker systems, but a few continue to trickle out onto the market, including a new one that carries the Tannoy brand name and features SRS TruSurround (Accessories 4 Technology Limited is manufacturing the thing).

According to the press release, SRS TruSurround "processes any multichannel audio source and delivers an immersive virtual 5.1 surround sound home theater experience over two speakers or headphones. With TruSurround, consumers will feel as if they're surrounded by 'phantom' speakers that appear to extend all around them, putting them in the center of the entertainment experience."

OK, I've got a copy of Casino Royale on UMD, so I'll see just how immersive this little puppy is once someone sends us a review sample. Probably won't be for a while, however, as the Tannoy PSP speaker is only available in the UK currently and won't hit North America shores for a few months. In case you're wondering, it's going for £99.99 at Amazon UK. I suspect it'll cost around $100 when it ships here--perhaps even less--as all electronics seem to be well marked up in the UK.