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New Susan Boyle recording appears on YouTube

In 1999, the Scottish singing phenomenon recorded "Cry Me a River" for charity. The recording suddenly appears on YouTube.

It is hard, after the millions of YouTube views and hundreds of thousands of Technically Incorrect hits accorded to the story of Susan Boyle, not to add a snippet or two as the days take us, her, and the world into the muddied waters of fame and fantasy.

So here is the latest little Susan tweet for the weekend.

The Scottish newspaper the Daily Record has unearthed a recording from 1999 of Ms. Boyle singing the Ella Fitzgerald classic "Cry Me a River."

Only 1,000 copies of this recording were ever made.

As you may be able to tell, Ms. Boyle could sing in 1999 rather as she can sing 10 years later.

Which is not the same as might be said for, oh, I don't know, Axl Rose.