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New Surface tablets launching 23 September

Microsoft has sent out invites for a media event, where it's expected to reveal the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.

Microsoft has set 23 September as the date and New York as the place for our first look at the new line-up of Surface tablets.

(Credit: Microsoft)

The current expectations are for Microsoft to announce a Haswell-based Surface Pro 2 and a Tegra-powered Surface 2.

The Surface 2 will actually be the Surface RT 2, but it's anticipated that Microsoft will drop the RT from the title.

Battery life is expected to be improved, and there may be powered keyboard covers that will act as an additional battery for the devices.

What we're not expecting is the oft-rumoured 7- or 8-inch version of the Surface. While these are still likely to be launched sometime, sources are suggesting that they won't be part of this line-up.

Whether a refresh can get sales rolling for the troubled Surface still remains to be seen, as does the pricing and availability for Australia. Microsoft won't be doing itself any favours with another laboured regional roll-out like the one for the original tablets.

It's also unclear how the devices will fit in with Nokia's own rumoured tablet, the ARM-powered Sirius, after the news of Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's devices business.