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New Surface Pro 2 firmware brings battery boost

New firmware for Microsoft's Surface Pro 2 tablet has reduced power draw from the Wi-Fi, improving battery life.

Despite only going on sale in Australia late last month, the Surface Pro 2 has already received a firmware update that vastly improves its battery life.

(Credit: Microsoft)

The update was designed to reduce the amount of power drawn by the Wi-Fi modem, and it seems to have succeeded admirably.

Tests by AnandTech saw the tablet last for over eight hours when browsing the web over Wi-Fi, a large jump up from its initial time of 6.68 hours. Similarly, video playback over a wireless connection now runs for 7.75 hours, up from 6.65 hours.

That said, the battery life of the Pro 2 still lags behind competitor products, such as the iPad and Google's Nexus 7.

(Credit: AnandTech)