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New statistical eye candy: Diggspose

View story thumbnails of popular stories on Digg as they're happening. Neat!

I'm a sucker for data visualizations. I waxed poetic about Swivel, the site that's attempting to make data charts accessible and useful, and the things that are coming out of Digg's labs from Stamen Design continue to innovate and change the way users can interact with social sites.

This afternoon I've been glued to "Diggspose" , a mashup made in Adobe Flash that combines's preview shots of Web pages with popular and upcoming stories on The result is a moving picture show of story thumbnails you can click on and manipulate. The moniker Diggspose is a nod to Mac OS X's Expose feature, which tiles thumbnails of active desktop windows--an effect that has been emulated in Diggspose with three quick cascading presets. Diggspose also pulls double duty as an extension of Diggspy, Digg's live feed of newly submitted stories. Using Diggspose, you can now watch this stream with thumbnails in real time, using a neat carousel effect.

The service is hosted by Yourminis, the single-page aggregation service. Expect several other neat and new visualizations for the popular user-generated site beginning on Thursday, when Digg unveils the top 10 finalists for its API visualization contest.

[via Digg]

Digg's stories show up as visual thumbnails. When you see one you're interested in, you can click it to go directly to the story, or hold control and click to go to its page on Digg. CNET Networks