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New stars in new media: Is cute the killer app on YouTube?

Two hand-holding sea otters on YouTube draw millions.

Sea otters together at Vancouver Aquarium cynthiaholmes on YouTube

Forget copyrighted comedy ripped off from some cable channel. Even forget the made-for-YouTube teen fantasy. This is real video of a real-life couple, laid bare before all the world. And the world, as reflected by YouTube, seems to love it.

You may be the last person on earth who hasn't already seen the hand-holding otters. The video is years old, but it wasn't posted until March. In less than two months, nearly 6 million viewings have been recorded.

Canadian TV reports the two otters have become big celebrities thanks to the video. Here you can learn the two otters are named Nayak and Milo. Nayak is one tough little lady, a survivor of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Google search shows over 540,000 pages when you search "hand holding sea otters." Maybe Animal Planet and National Geographic are onto something.

If you want to see the otters in person, you gotta go to the Vancouver, B.C., Aquarium. They actually hold hands for safety in the open ocean, so the video is not a fluke.