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Massive new Lego Star Wars kit rolls BB-8 your way

This giant Lego set for building your own blocky little droid has more than 1,106 pieces.



Adorable droid BB-8, who first won the hearts of fans in "Star  Wars: The Force Awakens," returns in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," opening worldwide on Dec. 15.

If you like the idea of counting down to the film with your own BB-8 by your side, you can do it with a massive new Star Wars Lego kit that contains more than 1,106 pieces. 

The Lego BB-8 has a wheel-activated rotating head and opening hatch with non-functioning (whew!) welding torch. While the completed Lego BB-8 model doesn't roll, it does include a display stand and decorative fact plaque about the droid. 

Without the stand, the completed Lego BB-8 model measures 9x5 inches (25x15 centimeters).

This Lego BB-8 kit retails for $80 (£61, AU$105). 

Lego also has other Star Wars mega-kits for the Millennium Falcon (7,500 pieces) and the Death Star (4,016 pieces).