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'Star Wars' dresses for Force-tastic fashionistas

Goldie and We Love Fine team up to make fun dresses and separates for geek girls who love Sith Lords and Jedi alike.

These dresses don't require the wearer to have a high Midi-chlorian count.

On a runway in a galaxy not so far away, fans and fashionistas got a glimpse of the new "Star Wars" dress collection from Goldie and We Love Fine at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International.

Now these geektacular dresses, skirts, shirts, and leggings are available online for ladies who want to show off their "Star Wars" pride without having to sacrifice a sense of style.

"This collection is fun, fashionable, and practically bursting with the power of The Force," We Love Fine posted on its website. "It was a delight to share with excited Star Wars lovers face to face as we introduced them, and we can't wait to share this uniquely fan-bulous collection with a wider audience."

The current line includes a Princess Leia Dress (with hair buns hoodie), Star Wars Galaxy Jacket, Empire Strikes Back Skirt, Death Star Battle Dress, Dark Side Glamour Dress, Iridescent Vader Leggings, Darth Vader Cover Tie Back Tank, Rebel Scum Tie Back Tank, and Vader Mesh Insets.

Sizes range from small to extra large.

"Goldie is a label that reflects fan culture through a lens of fashion, cutting-edge design, and fierce style," We Love Fine posted on its website. "Headed up through by Sara Scargall, the Goldie line seeks to merge the passion and excitement of pop culture brands and characters with trendsetting, contemporary chic looks for the girl looking to make a statement with her fandom."