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New Sony Vaio L Series all-in-one features clean new design, unique touch features

Sony announces redesigned Vaio all-in-one featuring Intel's new Sandy Bridge CPUs.

Like other PC vendors, Sony has a new, Intel Sandy Bridge-based all-in-one to announce this morning. We expected as much, but we didn't expect the slick design Sony has introduced with its new Vaio L Series. Rather than the plastic-heavy designs of its past, the new model has the appearance of an exceedingly thin computer. It also has a unique take on touch input.

Even from an off-angle view, the new Vaio L Series looks remarkably thin.
Even from an off-angle view, the new Vaio L Series looks remarkably thin. Sony

A side view of the Vaio L Series reveals a back panel with standard thickness, but the thin appearance comes from tapering the rear section away from the screen. Between that simple-but-effective design, the basic pedestal, and the clean overall looks, this Vaio is one of the sharper designs we've seen from Sony recently.

The L Series has a multitouch screen, of course, but Sony has also taken a unique approach with touch controls by building various specialized touch zones directly into the bezel of the screen. The extra set of controls provide quick access for basic tasks like closing windows, zooming, and other features, which should be useful for those inclined to use an all-in-one while standing.

For its specs, the Vaio L Series comes with a Blu-ray drive, a TV tuner, and HDMI outputs. Expect to see Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs in various L Series configurations as well. Sony says the systems will be available for preorder today, January 5, and will start at around $1,200.