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New Sony Ericssons in pictures

We show you three new Sony Ericsson Walkman phones live in color.

Sony Ericsson W580i CNET Networks

Last week we told you that Sony Ericsson had just sent us three new shiny Walkman phones in a shiny box. Now that we've had the chance the review all three of the phones, we can report that on the whole we were pleased with what we saw, at least in the performance department. The W880i, W580i and W200a delivered satisfying call and music quality, albeit with a couple of quibbles here and there. Design, on the other hand, was a mixed bag. While the W580i and W200a succeeded, the W880i did not.

Sony Ericsson W880i
Sony Ericsson W880i CNET Networks

Our favorite phone of the bunch was the W580i. Its sexy slider design was quite appealing, and it's chock-full of nifty features like a Walkman music player, full Bluetooth, and a 2-megapixel camera. The slim W880i offered a similar feature set, though it lacked a FM radio and the music quality was somewhat tinny. But the W880i's real flaws lie with its tiny, frustrating controls. Finally, the W200a is an entry-level Walkman phone. Its feature set is somewhat scaled down, and the design is simple and functional. The call volume was low, however.

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