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New Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headsets

New Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headsets

Along with a slew of new cell phones, Sony Ericsson announced three new Bluetooth headsets a couple of days ago. All of the headsets come with a digital signal-processing technology that allows for crisper and clearer sound. The first is the HBH-IV835, a small, hookless headset that's worn by pushing it in the ear. It's compact and stylish in a glossy black. The HBH-GV435 is a bit larger and comes without a visible boom--and thus can be worn discreetly behind the ear. Finally, there's the HBH-PV705, a lightweight headset with an ear hook; plus, there's a strap in case you want to wear it around your neck. Its earpiece does not cover the ear canal, which may allow for additional comfort. The HBH-IV835 will be available in mid-Q2 of this year, while the HBH-GV435 and the HBH-PV705 will both be available in Q3 of this year.