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New Slingbox software and firmware update now available

New Slingbox software and firmware update now available

Sling Media has quietly released the latest build of the Slingbox desktop software. Version 1.3.176, available at CNET, adds better speed and resolution when streaming on a home network, a conflict manager for disconnecting unwanted remote logins (the player remains limited to one viewer at a time), the ability to skin the software viewer, and an audio-only mode that maximizes by utilizing bandwidth that would otherwise be used for video (perfect for satellite radio fans). Additionally, the software can now easily toggle between standard (4:3) and wide-screen (16:9) aspect ratios.

A detailed list of feature upgrades is listed on Sling's Web site. (The software upgrade also updates the Slingbox firmware.) Some features are appearing for the first time, while others--such as the software skins--have been seen in earlier beta releases.

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