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New Sense UI leaks for Desire, HD2

The busy bees on the XDA-Developers forum have worked quickly to not only acquire the latest HTC Sense firmware, but also ported it to existing HTC devices.

Resourceful barely describes the recent activity on the XDA-Developers forum, where members have acquired a build of the latest HTC Sense user experience and ported it to a range of existing HTC devices, including the Desire and Windows-powered HD2.

The new theme selector in HTC Sense 3.0 (Credit: HTC)

The leaked ROM includes all of the new features of the updated software, as well as the new theme switcher tool and a range of skins. There are still a number of issues with the firmware, reported the ROM builders at the time of writing, including the inability to use the handset's camera.

If this news appeals to your inner hacker, check out our guide to rooting your HTC Desire to get a sense of what's required, and the risks, before you begin.