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New security for e-commerce

Cylink's PrivateWire encryption software is designed to send sensitive data securely via the Net.

Internet security firm Cylink (CYLK) today introduced PrivateWire encryption software for sending sensitive data securely over the Net.

Designed for Internet and other TCP/IP applications, the PrivateWire software was developed by Algorithmic Research, an Israeli cryptography and security firm that Cylink recently acquired.

Intended for telecommuters and financial, telecommunication, government, health care, and electronic commerce applications, PrivateWire combines strong authentication, encryption, firewall, and optional smart cards.

Its security architecture includes two-way authentication, access control, data encryption, data integrity, and data filtering under a unified management umbrella. It also supports digital signatures and digital certificates.

PrivateWire, an addition to Cylink's Internet security framework, is the first product to come from Cylink's acquisition of Algorithmic Research. It is controlled at a company's Internet gateway and does not require a reconfiguration of network or client software.

PrivateWire is designed to secure Telnet, file transfer protocol (FTP), Web, email, and other TCP/IP applications. Optional hardware includes a tamper-proof, high-performance security server and a smart-card reader.

Available immediately, PrivateWire supports Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows NT client for PCs; and Windows NT 4.0 and Sun Solaris server operating systems. Pricing begins at $19,000 per gateway server, which includes 100 client licenses.