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New security blog on cloud computing

Craig Balding has launched a blog focusing on IT security issues surrounding cloud computing.

A common complaint about cloud computing is that it lacks adequate security to make it really viable for use in a corporate setting.

Given Google's aggressive moves into this space with Google Apps, it's a topic worth delving into.

A new blog that launched last week--Cloud Security--is devoted to looking at the security issues of cloud computing, which encompasses grid computing, utility computing, software as a service, storage in the cloud, and virtualization.

The blog is written by Craig Balding, a security professional who works at an unnamed Fortune 500 company.

In one of his first items, Balding notes that Amazon Web Services recently launched a Service Health Dashboard (a week or so after an outage with Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud Web Service). But he suggests that Amazon might want to have a security dashboard and points out that has a site devoted to security.

Balding's latest entry is about a service called Appirio Cloud Storage that combines and Amazon's Simple Storage Service. In another entry he offers some advice to thin-client vendors.

(Via Tao Security)