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New Samsung washer sends in the foam

The Samsung WF520 5-cubic-foot VRT Plus PowerFoam Steam Washer combines advanced features and a large capacity drum for family-friendly laundry.

The Samsung WF520 features quiet operation and a large capacity drum. Samsung

Procrastination is quite often a harmless endeavor. Chores get stacked up, but usually they end up just getting rearranged in priority for a later date without any ill benefit. However, there is one task that the longer it gets put off, the larger it grows: the laundry. Every day (hopefully), newly soiled clothes are added to the pile, and before you know it, what used to be a molehill is the size of a mountain. When faced with a trip to the Laundromat at this point, one can almost be forgiven for purchasing an entire new wardrobe. For home laundry, though, there can be no excuse, especially with a large feature-friendly washer on your side.

The Samsung WF520 5-cubic-foot VRT Plus PowerFoam Steam Washer combines convenient features with a large capacity. The 5-cubic-foot stainless steel drum utilizes a diamond pattern design that minimizes textile damage because of the reduced size of the holes. For hard-to-clean stains (or for those that have sat in a pile for too long) the washer includes a steam-washing option available at the touch of a button. For better detergent coverage throughout the cycle, the washer predissolves detergent, mixing it with air and creating a foamy bath that becomes well distributed throughout the load, in either hot or cold water.

Capable of washing 31 bath towels in a single load, the extra-large front-loading washer is designed for busy families. Complete with a direct drive motor and vibration reduction for quiet operation, the washer is capable of everyday use without becoming a distraction--even if you don't actually use it every day.

It's designed to pair with the Samsung DV520 7.5-cubic-foot Electric Steam Dryer.