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Darth Vader looms over the new 'Rogue One' poster

There are a lot of new faces too, of course -- but there's no ignoring the big, bad Sith Lord. And there's another trailer on its way today.

Rebels face off against a looming Darth Vader in the new poster for "Rogue One."


While Star Wars fans anxiously wait for "Rogue One" to reach theaters this December, Lucasfilm and Disney keep teasing the Force-sensitive masses with glimpses of the film.

Yesterday, Lucasfilm released a brand new "Rogue One" poster showing off characters, scenes and more from the film.

The new "Rogue One" poster features a looming Death Star and the menacing shadow of Darth Vader in the background. Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso is the main attraction of the poster, while her fellow Rebels and an annoyed villain await danger and adventure below.

The lower half of the poster features a fleet of TIE strikers, TIE fighters, U-wings, and X-wings flying overhead while stormtroopers and AT-AT walkers invade the beaches of Scarif.

If that isn't awesome enough, fans will also get another sneak peek at the movie as a new trailer is due to debut today. December can't come soon enough.

"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" is scheduled to hit theaters on December 15 in Australia, and December 16 in the US and UK.