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New 'Robocop' trailer: Down with American robophobia!

In the second trailer for the new "Robocop" movie, the powerful muse why American robots keep the peace everywhere but in, well, America.

Turning against his makers? Restricted Trailers/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

"What America needs is a product with a conscience."

It needs a man inside a machine. If this sounds to you like Google's next evolution of the self-driving car, you'd be mistaken.

This is, in fact, some Michael Keaton dialogue from the second trailer released to herald the "Robocop" movie coming in February 2014.

The first trailer offered some political thought and, of course, lots of violence. Actually, violence often doubles for political thought these days, so that was quite meta.

In this second trailer, we see the Robocop production process. We see the salivating lips that taste just how much money can be made from this creation.

And we see Samuel L. Jackson asking the question that all the world has been asking for some time: "Why is America so Robophobic?"

Those who believe in the Singularity worry that we are being left behind.

Jackson is here playing Pat Novak, the host of "The Novak Element." He explains that American machines are keeping the peace in the rest of the world, so why not in, say, Detroit?

But there's a danger with putting a man inside a machine. It's still a man. This Robocop begins to go after real criminals. This is not part of the plan.

And so we fear the promise at the end of the trailer: "Some creations can't be controlled."

I have a feeling this movie might be worth seeing. Just so that we can truly prepare ourselves for our new bright, safe future.