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New Punch-Out-like Mike Tyson game coming

Those who still look back fondly at Mike Tyson's Punch-Out will be happy to hear that a new iPhone game is on the way, which will boast a similar look and feel to the famed original.

The upcoming Mike Tyson iPhone game.
The upcoming Mike Tyson iPhone game. Rock Software

Mike Tyson is returning to gaming.

iPhone developer Rock Software plans to release a Tyson-branded boxing game next month. Gamers will play as "Little Sammy," a boxer who needs to fight his way up the ranks to eventually take on "Iron Mike." According to the game developer CEO, who spoke with Mashable in a recent interview, players will need to fight 10 boxers before taking on the former heavyweight champion.

The title will retail for 99 cents.

The game, one of many Tyson-branded iPhone apps and games Rock Software plans to develop, is especially notable because it seems to be extremely similar to Mike Tyson's Punch-Out.

That game, which was originally made available on the Nintendo Entertainment System, also required players to fight several boxers before taking on Tyson for the final fight. Players controlled a similarly named character, "Little Mac." And based on a screenshot of Rock Software's title, both games seem to feature the same basic look.

Whether Nintendo will take issue with the iPhone game's close resemblance to the original is unknown. In an e-mailed statement, a company spokesperson confirmed that Nintendo was aware of the iPhone game, but provided no comment on the company's stance.

Rock Software failed to immediately respond to a request for comment on why its game seems to be so similar to the original.

The original Punch-Out!!
The original Punch-Out!! Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

Tyson was eventually removed from Nintendo's game after the company's license to use his likeness expired. He was replaced by the fictional "Mr. Dream," and the game was renamed "Punch-Out!!." Last year, an updated version of Punch-Out!! was released by Nintendo for the Wii. The original title is also available for download in the company's Wii Virtual Console.

Regardless, Tyson says he's excited to make his way back to gaming. The boxer said in a statement that he's "looking forward to beating" his fictional character in the title.