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New PSP firmware, probably root kit-free

New PSP firmware, probably root kit-free

Sony has again upgraded new firmware for the PlayStation Portable. The new PSP firmware (version 2.60) offers RSS newsfeed support, WMA-format playback support, and Chinese-language options for the Web browser. The new firmware also adds a volume control to the LocationFree TV player's control panel, so users that stream media through the PSP can finally adjust their volume. Sony says the firmware upgrade also includes the ability to download "copyright-protected video data" directly to the PSP's Memory Stick Duo. Unfortunately, we don't quite know what the company means by "copyright-protected video data." The newsfeed and WMA support are welcome upgrades, and the other features are nice touches. PSP owners can upgrade their firmware directly through the PSP's Network Update feature, from a firmware 2.60-equipped UMD, or with the PC upgrade at Sony's PSP Web site.