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New profile pages coming to all Twitter users Dec. 12

In a bid to look more like Facebook's Timeline, Twitter is updating everyone's profile pages. Unless you want a "default grey image" on your page, you might want to upload a header image soon.

Ryan Seacrest's Twitter page. Screenshot by CNET
Just a few months ago, Twitter announced a new look for its profile pages in a bid to mimic some of the visual allure of Facebook's Timeline cover photos -- though the update was only available to a subset of users.

Now the microblogging service is finally rolling out the redesign to all users. On December 12, everyone will be able to update their Twitter profiles to include a large header image across the top of the page with a smaller profile image in the center (see image above).

And no, users really don't have a choice about it -- unless they want their profile pages to look slightly off. In its blog post announcing the redesign, the company is encouraging users to upload a header image within the next couple of days so that they don't end up with a "default grey image on your page. That's not fun!"

Here's a look at a video from Twitter explaining the changes: