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New political tactic: YouTube?

New political tactic: YouTube?

California gubernatorial candidate Steve Westly is, perhaps wisely, perhaps mercenarily, trying to ride the YouTube wave to victory in tomorrow's primary elections (and beyond!). He's recorded an about-three-minute video talking about his vision for California, and it's clear that the campaign has used its vast resources to, well, dumb down the video. It's grainy, vaguely out of focus, and full of choppy cuts--hilarious, considering that it's also so obviously scripted to the gills and blatantly attempting to reach out and grab the "youth vote." Oh, Steve Westly. Good try, dude, really. But here's the thing: you can make as many videos as you want, but unless you can tack on a dog biting its own leg, crazy pop-locking, a sweet guitar solo, or somebody getting kicked in the hoo-hoos, I'm still voting for the Numa Numa guy.