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New Pokemon Sun-Moon trailer turns Exeggutor into a giraffe-necked monster

Also get a look at the game's other Alola Forms, new Pokemon and Z-Moves.

As promised, a new wave of Pokemon Sun and Moon announcements have been made today by way of a trailer revealing new versions of existing Pokemon, brand-new Pokemon and more.

Among Sun-Moon's new features are Alola Forms, which provide a new look and type for existing Pokemon. (Alola is the game's new region.) Most striking of these is Exeggutor's -- the formerly plump coconut-tree-looking creature has grown a giraffe-size neck, and judging by some of its faces, it's psyched about that.


Exeggutor is prepared to demolish adorable creatures for your monetary gain.


It's also now a Grass/Dragon-type, as opposed to a Grass/Psychic-type as in the past. Other Alola Forms shown off include Vulpix (ice), Ninetales (ice/fairy), Sandshrew (ice/steel), and Sandslash (ice/steel).

The video goes on to provide a look at some other new Pokemon, such as Minior, a floating rock that can shed its outer shell, and Gumshoos, which sports a Donald Trump-esque hairdo. The many styles of Oricorio are also shown, including one that makes it look like a cheerleader (appropriately called the Pom-Pom style). Each of Alola's different islands has a different style that calls it home.

Later in the video we see Mudbray, a ground type, and two new grass types: Fomantis and its evolved form, Lurantis. The latter brings with it a new move, Solar Blade.

Other new features on display are the ability to ride Pokemon and something called Z-Moves, which are described as a new way to attack. Each type has its own spectacular-looking Z-Move, which can only be used once per battle.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are set for release on November 18 on 3DS.