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Tech Industry

New pledges for Liberty Alliance

Group dedicated to online ID verification pulls in 15 more supporters, including data broker ChoicePoint and Telecom Italia.

The Liberty Alliance, an industry organization dedicated to developing standards for online identity verification, has added 15 members. The sign-ups broaden the group's worldwide reach in the telecommunications, government and authentication sectors, the Liberty Alliance said Wednesday.

Among those joining Liberty for the 2006 calendar year are data broker ChoicePoint, international technology consultancy LogicaCMG and Italian telecommunications provider Telecom Italia. The others are Purdue University, the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology, Falkin Systems, CallingID, Phase2 Technology, Finland's National Board of Taxes, New Zealand's State Services Commission, Diamelle Technologies, Livo Technologies, MedCommons, The OmniBranch, and Terena.