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Pizza Hut parka keeps you toasty like a fresh slice of pizza

The jacket is made out of the same material as the company's pizza-delivery bags, which is kinda weird any way you slice it.

Those insulated bags delivered pizza arrives in keep your large pepperoni-and-mushroom pizza pretty toasty, so why not try the same technology for a parka?

Pizza Hut just introduced its new insulated delivery bag, which uses three different kinds of insulating materials, including 3M's famed Thinsulate. That does sound warming, but the other touches are so loony you might think a bunch of college kids cooked them up after a night chowing down on stuffed-crust slices in their dorm.

There's a weird little Velcro-closing panel on the arm where you can store your cell phone (Pizza Hut calls it an "easy-ordering window"). There's extra fabric on the hood that can serve as a face-wiping napkin, pockets for Parmesan and red-pepper flakes, and a pizza-slice-shaped interior pocket.

You can't buy the parka anywhere, but if you order online or through Pizza Hut's mobile app through October, you will be entered to win one. Or tweet the pizza and flame emojis at Pizza Hut's Twitter account to enter without buying food.