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New Pioneer Blu-ray players get (approximate) pricing

Pioneer announced three new Blu-ray players at CES, and now the company has announced approximate pricing for all three models, with the entry-level BDP-120 coming in at $300.

Pioneer announced three new Blu-ray players back at CES 2009, but without pricing it was hard for us to gauge whether they were a good value. This morning we saw a story over at Big Picture Big Sound with pricing for the players, and after confirming with Pioneer, we were able to at least get some official price estimates. The BDP-120 (less $300 MSRP), BDP-320 (less than $400), BDP-23FD ($600, confirmed) are all set to come out in April, and their pricing puts them on par with Blu-ray players we saw at the end of 2008.

A full rundown of the players is available on our initial CES blog post, but the new pricing information doesn't change our opinion that the BDP-120 looks to be the best deal of the bunch for most people. It matches up features-wise with Panasonic's excellent DMP-BD35, and if it can match that unit's rock solid performance, it looks to be a good value. On the downside, the BDP-120 lacks the extras that we've seen on other newly announced Blu-ray players, such as Netflix streaming or Wi-Fi connectivity on new Samsung and LG players.

(Sources: Big Picture Big Sound via Engadget HD)