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New phones from Sony Ericsson

New phones from Sony Ericsson

It's been a busy spring season for Sony Ericsson. Today, the company introduced four new phones, which include two new additions to the well-received Walkman line, three flip phones, and a slider model. Although most of the new handsets are destined for the Asia/Pacific market, Sony Ericsson says the W710i will make it to the United States later this year.

As a Walkman phone, the W710i offers a multiformat digital music player and an FM radio, but the best news is that it will have a stereo Bluetooth profile for listening to music over a Bluetooth headset. All I can say is it's about time. The W710i's other features include a 262,000-color display; Bluetooth; an infrared port; a 2-megapixel camera; video recording and playback; text, multimedia, and instant messaging; Java support for 3D gaming; USB 2.0 support; a full HTML browser; and quad-band (GSM 850/900/1800/1900; EDGE) world phone support. And since Sony Ericsson is marketing the W710i as a fitness phone, it also comes with an integrated pedometer and a sturdy armband for joggers. Onboard memory is a limited 10MB, but there is a Memory Stick Micro slot for cards up to 1GB. A 512MB card comes with the phone; Sony Ericsson says it can hold up to 470 tracks. When the phone arrives stateside, we might also see push-to-talk support, song-ID capability, and an FM transmitter, but those features will depend on carrier activation.

Sony Ericsson also unveiled the W850i Walkman phone, the Z710i, and the Z550i. The W850i is touted as the company's first slider 3G phone, while the Z710i will come with push e-mail support. For the full story, see the coverage from CNET Asia.